Tricia DeJersey

Head Coach

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experience & certifications

*BICP-level 1 (Ride Guide & Fundamentals)

  • Level 1 (Ride Guide & Fundamentals)

*CPR/First Aid

My mountain biking journey began several years ago when I was introduced to the sport that would become the love of my life; the love that I wish I could have met 20 years ago. There is nothing that compares to the freedom and adventure that I have found on my mountain bike. I have since ridden trails in Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz, Bend, Oregon and many in between. The various terrains and destinations have challenged me both mentally and physically; it's these challenges that have made me a proficient rider who is able to take on the most difficult of trails.

My love of trail riding led me to racing the TBF where not only did I find myself on the podium, but gave me additional confidence and improved endurance. 

The friendships, health, and happiness generated form this sport is immeasurable which is why I have decided to share my passion with both children and adults of all ages.  I am so excited to share the skills I have learned and the benefits of mountain biking with your child! 

“I am so thankful for you as our daughter’s teacher. I love your positivity, encouragement, and caring personality. You are making a big difference in children’s lives every day! Thank you!”
~Amy Nedresky


I am an elementary school teacher, a mother of two mountain biking boys, and an avid mountain biker who has an unwavering passion for mountain biking and sharing the happiness that bikes bring to our lives.  I have been in the field of education for 15 years, currently teach 3rd grade and love every minute I spend helping children grow academically and socially. 



Aaron LeSieur



Experience & Certification

*BICP-level 1 (Ride Guide & Fundamentals)

  • Level 1 (Ride Guide & Fundamentals)

*CPR/First Aid

I have ridden BMX, Moto, and mountain bikes all my life and have an undeniable passion for the outdoors.  I have dabble in amateur Mtb racing, built most of my mountain bikes from a bare frame, and have ridden some of the best trails on the West Coast from Lake Tahoe to Bend, OR.  My passion for mountain biking, exploration and the outdoors has led me to want to help others feel the freedom and zest for life that a bike can bring.