FR Programs

Our weekly program will begin with assessing each FR s' abilities so daily activities can be tailored to the the skill levels of its members.  Freedom Riders will be focusing primarily on basic skills to allow even the most timid rider a chance to grow confidence on their bike. Activities will range from short off road rides to longer more advanced rides that will include both hill climbs and descents.  Daily rides will begin with mountain biking skills training, drills and trail etiquette/rules.  Each week will include a field trip (local riding destination), opportunities to learn about nature (science), and trail advocacy (how and why we care of our trail systems).


Rider Levels


You are new to mountain biking, are ready to get comfortable on your bike and learn the basics including body position, shifting, braking, and cornering.  You have ridden mostly on bike paths and flat trails.  You ride when you can (usually less than 4 times a month), can ride up to one hour and can complete up to 500 ft. of climbing.  

Beginner Intermediate

You are familiar with the basics including body position, shifting, braking and cornering.  The basics don't come naturally yet and you sill need to practice. You have taken your new skills to the trails, are read to explore more and want to learn how to negotiate rock gardens, climbing, descending and other technical features.!  You ride once a week, can ride up to two hours and can complete up to 1,000 ft. of climbing.

Beginner Advanced

You know the basics, can execute the correct body positions when climbing, descending, and cornering, and can shift and brake with ease.   You are able to negotiate small/short rock gardens, are starting to descend at a faster pace, climbing steeper terrain, and are able to make it over small obstacles.  You are ready to learn wheel lifts, negotiate small drops, and take corners at faster speeds.  You are riding two days a week, can ride 2-3 hours and complete 1,000 ft. of climbing and maybe staring to do some training rides or gym work to build strength and power. 



Cancelations and Refunds:

FR requires a written request that must be received fourteen or more days prior to the registered class session for a full refund (Please note a 50% administrative fee will be deducted from the refund).  No refund will be made less than fourteen days prior to the registered class.  Refunds will not be granted for absences, dismissal or voluntary withdrawal from the Event or for changes to the Event or Event schedule deemed necessary by Freedom Riders' staff.  Registrants unable to participate in the class due to unforeseen medical conditions may be eligible for a full refund less a 20% administrative fee; a refund may be provided upon Freedom Riders’ receipt of a signed letter from the participant’s physician.

In case of weather-related cancellation by Freedom Riders, or in case of insufficient enrollment, a full refund will be provided.