Required Items

  • Riders must bring a working bicycle.  If you're in the market for a new bike, check out this bike buying guide
  • A helmet is required by FR and is a state law-be sure it fits properly
  • No open toed shoes are allowed or loose clothing that could become entangled in the bike. FR recommends sneakers and shorts. Please note sunscreen should be applied before each day.
  • Water and a couple snacks (children get very hungry when they are mountain biking). Due to various food allergies, FR does not provide food. We rely on you to provide the necessary food that keeps within your child's dietary needs and possible allergic reactions. Please keep us aware if your child does have an allergy of any kind. 
  • A backpack is needed to hold water and snacks. Please no fanny packs or shoulder bags. Please check your child's backpack does not hang down and rub against the back tire before bringing him/her to class. 

Recommended Items

FR recommends for added comfort and safety:

  • riding (cycling) gloves
  • sunglasses
  • chamois (padded bicycle shorts, which can be worn underneath regular shorts)
  • bike bell
  • Camelback water system

Local Shop Recommendation

Need an expert opinion, trade in a bike, fix a wheel, or need a part? I encourage you to support our local bike shops, in particular, The Pedal Pros Shop is an amazing shop. Talk to Chris, the owner and a locally raised guy that has an extreme passion for bikes; he will take such good care of you!